Post Title. 05/26/2008

 Hi again!!!  What's goin' on?  Me?  Oh... just saving the day as usual.  I'm seriously updating the site today, so get ready!!!   Marvel at my below- average strength!!!

Post Title. 05/16/2008

Hey, guys!!!  You have GOT TO check out the video on the "Masked Profiles", if you don't, then someone else will...  The dancers are Green Gecko, and Naked Patron.  I'm working the camera!!!  Enjoy.

Post Title. 05/07/2008

  Nothing interesting to report, I'm just letting all you guys know I'm still alive.  I've nearly conquered this world, and no matter what happens, nobody can mess with me... I'm ranting because I'm tired.  Sorry about that!!!


Post Title. 04/24/2008

  You're welcome Alishah!!!  To answer your question, the Anti- masked person and I are working out our differences.  On a different note, everyone has seen my blog, but has anyone checked out the "Mysterious Photos/Vids" section of my site?  Please take a look.

Post Title. 04/22/2008

  Well you guys always give me good feedback, and I'm proud to wear my mask in defense of you guys.  I'm cool with "Anti- Masked Person" now, for those of you who know who that is.  Here is a photo of the "Bicycle of Mysteriousness", do you like it???  If I get a request, I'll post more pictures of it, so speaak up!!!

Post Title. 04/16/2008

  I'm ecstatic guys!!!  Can you guess why?  I have an official logo now!!!  It should show up on the right side of your screen- do you like it?  Well I have the "cadsuite team" to thank for this!!!  They are super- talented(I should know)!!!
Check it out at!!!

Post Title. 04/15/2008

  Well, I would like to say that everyone is someone's hero, but nobody is everyone's hero.  That is to say that you should not expect everyone to look up to you, and you should try not to look down on anyone!!!

Post Title. 04/09/2008

  How's it going?  Glad you like the site Cocoz!!!  Thought all my fans out there should know that the " Bicycle of Mystery" is back in working order, and faster than EVER BEFORE(that's really fast).  I love the feedback I'm getting from you guys, so keep it coming, ok.  Remember to tell your friends to think twice before smashing in that window, or stealing that licorice, because the face of justice wears a mask!!!  That's my new slogan, please tell me how you like it, and feel free to submit your own ideas for a slogan, if you have a better idea!!!  There is no progress without criticism!!!   Hmm... maybe that should be my slogan... lol.

Post Title. 03/18/2008

  Good point there, Maria!!!  Maybe I should get him a mask too...

Post Title. 03/15/2008

  Well I'm back to work now, at least on my street( I found a new way to ride my bike).  A superhero must be resourceful by nature!!!